Dawn J. Bennett Interviewed Steve Milloy on the Myths of What the EPA Does

If there is one person who knows about the perpetuation of myths, it’s Dawn J. Bennett. For many years, she has worked hard to bust financial myths that many people still believe – hence the name of her show, Financial Myth Busting. Dawn J. Bennett’s goal is to help real people attain and maintain their wealth. Dawn J. Bennett helps her clients succeed when it comes to wealth management, and she educates people on various issues in the economy for free on her radio show.

Earlier this year, Dawn J. Bennett interviewed Steve Milloy on issues related to the EPA and its impact on the economy. For those of you who might not know who Steve Milloy is, he is the founder of the popular website, Junk Science. He was a guest on the show discussing the EPA because he is also the writer of the book, Scare Pollution: Why and How To Fix the EPA. As Scott Pruitt had just been confirmed as head of the EPA, the two had a lot to discuss on whether or not he was a good choice and what the role of the EPA is in a capitalistic society.

While you are certainly encouraged to read the transcript of the entire interview, here were a few of the talking points to consider:

Scott Pruitt was in a different role than he was now: He was the AG of Oklahoma, which meant he was fighting for Oklahoma’s commercial interests. This included fighting against EPA overreach. Now that he is the head of the EPA, he will have a different set of priorities.

The EPA is not as relevant as it once was: State and local governments handle the great majority of environment protection issues. The EPA has grown into one of the most powerful agencies and produces too many regulations, which hurt job growth.

The wealthier of a nation you are, the more likely you will have a clean environment: Environmental protection is expensive. That’s why countries that have clean air and water are also countries that are wealthy. You’re not going to be a wealthy nation and have smoggy air and sludge-filled rivers and lakes.