‘Swamp’ Or Snake Pit? Radio Host Dawn Bennett Says Trump Needs To Address Economy



Is Donald Trump being set up to fail? With merely two full months of his presidency now in the books, radio personality Dawn J. Bennett fears that could be the case. Bennett, who hosts “Financial Myth Busting,” recently explored the topic and economic issues facing the U.S. that could come to affect our new president sooner rather than later.


“The Problem with Great Expectations,” which Bennett penned to talk about the so-called swamp-draining Trump has promised, talks about the changes that need to be made and the dire consequences that could result if they aren’t undertaken.


“For eight years, we have been spoon fed a narrative of increasing prosperity. The message has been carefully crafted by the executive branch, seasoned and served by a complicit media.” Bennett said. “And many of us have all too gladly accepted it, believing the proposition that the ‘new normal’ is now simply ‘normal.’”
In “The Problem with Great Expectations,” Bennett believes that the hidden hand of those responsible for behind-the-scenes activity on a global scale could doom Trump on the economic front.


“Trump is being set up to fail by the financial elites, the globalists that have been running the Obama administration’s economic policy and the Federal Reserve. Our Humpty Dumpty economy is bound for a great fall, regardless of the current president’s best intentions, and the most deeply important question of the next four years is who is going to be putting the pieces back together, and how they do it,” Bennett said.


Not helping the situation is Trump himself, Bennett argues, writing that he has “muddied the waters” by touting stock market gains as proof-positive that a turn-around is surely on the horizon.


Chief among Bennett’s concerns is the question of whether Trump is wading in to a “swamp” or a snake pit. The claims of plans to drain the so-called swamps of Washington D.C. free of the “morass” of “politicians and professionals” is just one of four swamps, according to Bennett. She identifies uncontrolled debt, the hidden fiscal gap, short-term debt maturity and suspected double-digit inflation as murky bodies of water that are in dire need of draining.


“The nonsensical market reacts to bad news by surging up, giving officials and pundits something to point at as ‘proof’ of their claims, despite the fact that fundamentals continue to weaken under massive debt and weak global demand,” she continued.